5 Amazing Benefits of Progressive Dialer Software for Call Centers

 Call centers use multiple software platforms to improve the value of different predefined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Some of the commonly used platforms in a call center are a call center solutionCRM system, IVRcall routing system, call monitoring software, voice logging system, progressive dialer software, etc. In the latest call center software, you can find some of these solutions integrated as one of the features. Progressive dialer software is one of the solutions available in the best call center software as a feature. 

There are many advantages of using a progressive dialer, whether as an independent software solution or as one of the auto-dialers available in an outbound call center solution. I will share more details about a progressive dialer and its major advantages in this article.

What is a progressive dialer? How does it work?

It is one of the auto-dialers available in almost all on-premises and hosted call center solutionsIt takes numbers from the call center software list in a sequential manner. It automatically dials a number and connects it to the agent when a call is connected.

Some advanced contact center solutions also offer an added functionality in the progressive dialer. This auto dialer can detect an answering machine, busy phone signal, etc., and bypass those numbers. It routes a call to an agent only if it is connected to a human.

5 amazing benefits of progressive dialer software for call centers

As mentioned, whether you use it as an independent solution or as a feature available in an outbound call center solution, it has multiple benefits to offer. Here are five amazing benefits explained in brief for better understanding.

1. No lead is missed

Progressive dialer software automatically retrieves leads from the call center dialer software and dials them automatically. Thus, it doesn’t make a manmade error of skipping one or more numbers by mistake.

2. Increase talk time

By automating the process of dialing numbers, it makes sure that agents don’t waste time checking the call center solution list and dialing numbers manually. Agents spend more time talking to customers to improve KPIs.

3. Reduce idle time

The progressive dialer software bypasses the numbers that connect to a voicemail and skips numbers that are busy or unreachable. This saves a lot of time otherwise spent by agents on calling numbers that are busy, unavailable, or unreachable. Therefore, this feature of an omnichannel call center solution reduces idle time.

4. Increase productivity 

By reducing idle time and increasing talk time, agents work more on productive things during working hours. This lifts the bar of productivity in a call center.

5. Increase lead conversion

Agents spend the majority of their time talking with clients or handling other productive activities. This helps in working in a direction of increasing leads. A progressive dialer can also help reach the same lead more than once to increase the lead conversion rate. Automation and other benefits offered by this feature of the best call center software increase lead conversion.

Concluding notes

The progressive dialer is not just yet another feature available in an outbound call center solution, but it is much more than that. It is a driving factor in many call centers that survive outbound calls. Whether a call center runs lead generation calls or customer survey calls, progressive dialer software boosts results up to 60% by increasing reach. It makes sure that the productive hours of agents are increased by increasing talk time and reducing idle time. 

Along with a progressive dialer, on-premises and cloud contact center solutions offer multiple other features that can help call centers increase efficiency and result in addition to boosting agent productivity. 


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